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Why Lesbians are Attracted to Straight Women

July 31, 2013 5


“Everyone is straight until they’re not.”

That’s quite the claim, I know.. but it isn’t far off the truth. Lesbians know first hand how blurred the line between straight and gay can be. One second a girl is telling you she is straight and the next she is rubbing your arm while saying she has never kissed a girl before. Sounds outlandish, but this happens, ALL THE TIME! Lesbians fall for this because straight women are uncharted territory. They are a challenge and the challenge is enticing. I’m going to say this and risk a complete ostracism from my own sexuality, but straight women are usually hotter. I think it’s because they seem unattainable mixed with the fact they are usually more physically attractive. If you’re an unexperienced lesbian and some hot chick comes onto you, there isn’t even a question you will be on that girl like white on rice.

Now let’s talk about the whole 1 in 10 people are gay thing… SO not true. I have been in rooms of 50 before and I am the only lesbian/gay person. Think about how small the dating pool is if the number is 1 in 50. This is exactly why lesbians cling to the first hot girl that shows interest. It’s a small community and new/diluted (bisexual) blood doesn’t stay secret for long. ¬†Hence, the fascination with straight women.

The straight woman is the trophy in a sense. It’s a symbol that you have arrived because you turned a straight girl. Lesbians love to be the “converter.” In case you don’t know what that is… a converter is a lesbian who is able to convert a straight woman to a lesbian. Honestly it’s cool the first time to be able to say you converted someone, but really it’s stupid because it’s a very momentary thing. Lesbianism is a phase for most straight women. Something to try until they get over the last guy who burned them or screwed with their head.

A straight woman showing interest in a lesbian is similar to what it feels like when the jock flirts with the nerd. It makes you feel cool and confident. You cannot refute straight women are hotter than most lesbians because they are. 9 times out of 10, the straight girl next to the lesbian will be the most attractive. Lesbians also have the mind of a 16 year old boy. Hot is more important than practical.

Plus, it’s hard to say no to sexy.

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  • Hello. PLEASE answer this question for me! No one else seems to be able to answer it for me.

    Here goes: from my vantage point, I can understand why a masculine woman would be a lesbian. She’s masculine, so she goes for what men go for, right? But why would a FEMININE woman be a lesbian? What makes her see women as sexual, or even more confusing, go for butches? To me, a butch is just a castrated man, kind of like the killjoy vegan alternative to something really delicious. Let me further explain why I think the idea of going for a butch is so freaky. I only feel like a woman when I am with a man. When I am with one of my female friends, I feel like am just a PERSON- neutral instead of sexual. There is a whole dimension to my identity that I have no connection to without a high-testosterone man. I really don’t know what feelings a femme could have for women that could somehow be the equivalent of the thrilling cosmic contrast of male and female. The idea of two sets of sexy legs clicking their high heels against each other is kind of hot, but what on earth is “hot” about a butch? Isn’t that the epitome of dowdiness?

    • honestgal says:

      Sorry this took me so long to answer! People have their own preferences. It may be hard for people to understand who haven’t been there or have never felt attracted to a certain “look”. I’m not attracted to butch women, but to each their own. You probably have a certain type of man you go after. Same thing. Sexual attraction can’t be explained because it isn’t a choice. Attraction is one of those primal things and it’s hardwired. That’s why it isn’t a choice to be gay. I’ve had my views changed recently and it’s less about what weirds me out about other people’s attraction, it’s more about if that person makes them happy then go for it. Life is hard and finding someone awesome to share it with is one of the most difficult. I’m not sure if that answered your question, but thanks for dropping by my blog and reading.

  • maria lerma says:

    Hi I stumbled across this article today. What if the straight woman stays with the lesbian for the rest of her life? Was she actually gay, straight, or bi?

    • honestgal says:

      I don’t think you have to categorize someone. Love is love right? No need to put it in a box. All you should say is, “she’s definitely not straight.” I like to have an “undefined” category ha.

      • maria lerma says:

        Lol good reply. I’m asking because I was so convinced I was straight. Then I fell in love with a woman and bam my life changed. I don’t know what I am exactly lol

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